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“An Uncommon Woman in Uncommon Times” – The Proverbs 31 Woman – Ladies Bible Study Day 9

Oct 14, 2020


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18. She sees that her trading is profitable,

and her lamp does not go out at night.

One of my favorite lines from the movie Dances with Wolves is “Good Trade!”. I love it! Just before Christmas a few years back, my young friend, Shelley needed some colloidal silver. I happen to have a colloidal silver maker. So, I made some for her and took it to her, not expecting anything in return. After I was to leave her home, I was going to go in search of a good sturdy box to mail off my son’s family’s Christmas gifts. Shelley just happened to have exactly what I needed. We traded. It was a “Good Trade”. Perfect! :-)

In this day of increasingly common socialistic, ungodly values within our American society, the capitalist approach to profitable trade is being frowned upon more and more. However, I don’t believe that this is God’s plan on how things are to be run. Profitable trading between parties keeps us working hard and allows us to use the gifts that the Lord has given us to benefit others.

When we know that whatever it is that we are producing is something that others will either pay or trade for, we will work vigorously keeping our lamps burning until the task is done.

Our trading should always be honest and upright. Remember we are representing the Lord our God in a world filled with false idols and prophets!

Read Leviticus 19:35-36 and fill in the blanks: “Do not use ______________ standards when measuring length, weight or quantity. Use ___________ scales and ___________ weights, an ___________ ephah and an ___________ hin. I Am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt.”

Read Proverbs 13:21 and fill in the blanks: “________________ pursues the sinner, but _______________ is the reward of the righteous.”

What I am saying here is that we need to be wise in our trading, whether it is something that we produce ourselves to sell to others or if we are making the purchase to profit our families. We should never be willing to lie down and just take whatever is being sold us. We could be being sold a bill of goods - remember the saying “Buyer Beware!”. There is nothing I hate worse than having something break 2 days after the warranty runs out (planned obsolescence)! We must use discernment.

Read Mathew 10:16 and fill in the blanks: “I am sending you out like __________ among ____________. Therefore, be as ___________ as snakes and as _____________ doves.”

Personal Question: How is my trading and the use of the money that the Lord has blessed me with used profitably? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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